Our Story


September 23, 2014, Autumnal Equinox

First date: lying in the warm September sand, watching Northern Lights dance across the starry sky over Lake Superior.


April 8, 2017


Afloat with the happiness of a perfect day in love, we skipped and I twirled down the Superior shoreline. We hopped over streams where winter was melting into the freshwater sea. Past the radiant faces and joyous hellos, I led us to where the people weren’t. We sank into the sand and watched the sun begin its lazy slide toward the edge of the distant horizon. Leaning back against his chest, I tucked my bare feet into the warm April sand; he wrapped his arms around me. The breath of his words brushed my ear: he proposed a lifetime of love and marriage, and sunset beach snuggles. I felt saltwater sneaking from the corners of my eyes. And with a gentle reminder I looked from his eyes to the rainbow of sparkles, a forever glittering sunshine held in rose gold vines so lovingly entwined on my finger. We laughed and hugged and frolicked barefoot in the sand, all the way back to Fitzgerald's where we shared a celebratory flight of whiskey, on a porch overlooking the setting sun and Lake Superior icebergs.


September 22, 2018, Autumnal Equinox

We'll be married!